Tuesday, June 19, 2018

    Central Western Region Retired

Executive Committee Contact List


  • Barb Lynch, President



  • Art Aloise, Vice President and Health & Welfare Committee Chair



  • Liz Wilt, Treasurer and Newsletter Chair



  • Carol Black, Secretary 



  • Dan Gallagher, Armstrong County Representative



  • Fred Baca, Bedford County Representative
  • Paul Artley, Cambria County Co-Representative



  • Ron Stempka, Cambria County Co-Representative and Member Benefits Chair


  • Linda Jones, Indiana County Representative                                


  • Trina Smith, Jefferson County Representative
  • Somerset County Representative

  • Diane Shark, PACE Chair



  • Donna Gramling, Trips & Travel Chair                                               



  • Becky Bloom, Website Manager





PSEA-Retired Officers & Committee Chairs

President: Mary Moran

Vice President: Patsy Tallarico

Second Vice President:                   Carl Rieffanaugh

Legislative Committee Chairperson:      Steve Harmanos

Resolutions Committee Chairperson:    Philip Russo

IPD Chairperson: Linda Morrison

PACE Director:                                   Anne Loeffler