AFTER WORK… is an informational update sponsored by the CW Region of PSEA Retired.  Its purpose is to support active members and locals in their efforts to improve schools and educate school employees on retirement issues and events that affect them in the future.  The region will email the update to local presidents, who then will forward it to the members.  County reps will also have copies to distribute at county coordinating councils  The CW executive committee encourages members to be familiar with retirement AFTER WORK.



Central Western Region PSEA-Retired

MAY 2018

Congratulations to Ann Castner and her EA President, Lori Baird, from Richland in Cambria County who won gift cards from Sheetz for reading the February AFTER WORK and contacting Central-Western Retired President Barb Lynch. There may be another opportunity to win in this one-page, non-political update for school employees. Keep reading.

Although many teachers and support staff members have already submitted retirement letters, some still have an upcoming exit conference with the PSERS representatives. There are many decisions to make prior to submitting your paperwork. The AFTER WORK newsletter tries to provide you with information long before that date.

There also can be that "summer surprise," when someone decides at the last minute to retire. If you are in that group, make sure you call PSERS at (888) 773-7748 or (814) 419-1180.


Foundations for Your Future (FFYF) programs are designed to give public school employees an overview of their retirement benefits. Upcoming FFYF meetings in our area this summer include:

July 18 at 10:00 AM—Greater Altoona CTC

July 24 at 10:00 AM—IUP Kovalchick Complex

August 7 at 10:00 AM—Admiral Perry AVTS

August 9 at 10:00 AM—Greensburg Civic Center

Visit the PSERS website ( for a wealth of information on the retirement system.


Health care is a major component in retirement decision-making and there are many options for healthcare insurance in retirement. Everyone’s situation is different, so make sure you have concrete facts about your options rather than half-truths. Some health care options are costly;

some are reasonable; and some are included in your association contracts.

One possible option is to remain on your district’s plan until you reach age 65. Generally, this will cost you what the district is paying for you now, plus yearly increases.

Retirees can join PSERS Health Options Program (HOPS) or enroll in a COBRA plan, but these are more expensive for those under 65. HOPS is a popular Medicare supplemental plan at age 65

Some retirees may be covered under their spouse’s plan or can purchase insurance on their own.

You may be eligible for $100 per month in premium assistance with either 24.5 years of service; 15 years of service and terminating employment at age 62 or older; or disability retirement.


Below are some common terms that you should be familiar with before retirement planning. How many do you know?

Vesting Superannuation

PSERS Options

Death benefit Qualifying event

Roll over Exit counselling

Lump sum HOP

You can learn about these terms and others by going to the PSERS website, attending a FFYF program, attending in March the CWR Pre-Retirement Workshop or attending a CWR-Retired retirement session. If you send an email to with the word AFTER WORK in the subject line, you could win a Sheetz gift card.

Best wishes for a wonderful summer break and in planning for your retirement. Another AFTER WORK will arrive in September.

Barb Lynch, President, Central Western Region PSEA-Retired (

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